About company

About company 1

DTEK ESCO is an energy service company providing comprehensive energy efficiency services. We implement projects with savings of up to 90% of energy resources in the industrial, budget and residential areas in all regions of Ukraine:

  • energy audits.
  • business plan development.
  • financing energy efficiency projects.
  • general contracting of projects on turnkey basis.
  • introduction of energy management systems.
  • training in energy management and energy audit.

DTEK ESCO develops the retail brand of energy-efficient products and services, the Smart WATT™.

Our Mission

To introduce the principles of energy efficiency and resource saving in all processes of society. To use the most advanced and innovative business, education, research and development practices.

Our Values

Business for a Better Quality of Life

We are developing a business that does not require additional costs from our customers. We monetize losses and inefficiencies, turning them into profits for us and our customers. Our business contributes to the well-being of Ukrainians, the country's energy independence, the preservation of the climate on the planet.

Professional Tasks Performance

We understand that only reasonable, technically and technologically advanced solutions can provide profit for our customers. Only advanced technologies and innovations, the effectiveness of which has been tested by us, can be offered to the customer. That is why our team is responsible, professional, experienced specialists.

Responsibility for the Result

We are confident in the success of their business. We know that any result provides us with experience and knowledge. This is an opportunity for us to make us better, to offer the customer a new quality of our services. We will not allow ourselves to abandon our customer with an unsolved problem until we get a result that will satisfy both the customer and us.

Openness in Communication with Society and Each Customer

We are ready to perceive the problem in the energy consumption of our customer as our own, to offer the best solution. It is impossible to achieve success without an open and honest dialogue between the customer and us. We openly share everything that we know and can do, and we achieve our goals together with our customers.

Our Management

Serhii Yuriiovych Chulkov, Director of DTEK ESCO

He has been heading the company since April 2018. Prior to that, during the year he headed the project management department of DTEK ESCO. He graduated from the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy with a degree in Thermal Power Plants and the KPI with a degree in Enterprise Economics.

Work experience in the energy sector over 25 years. He worked as the shift engineer at the Kyivska CHP-5, at different times he managed the dispatching department of KYIVENERGO, the prospective development service of KYIVENERGO, production department, technical connection center, worked as the deputy technical director of KYIVENERGO. He was responsible for calculations and compliance with technical and economic indicators, as well as for the policy of the future development of Kyiv thermal power plants, electrical and heat networks and the "Energy" plant. He performed engineering guidelines for the implementation of the unique energy-efficient project “Use of heat in the ‘Energy’ waste burning plant for heating network water in the ST Pozniaky highway”. 

Oksana Vitalivna Ananchenko, Head of the Commercial Department of DTEK ESCO

Has been working for the company since August 2017. She graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University, engineer-economist, PhD in economics, with a degree in economic and mathematical methods. More than 15 years of work in senior positions in IT/Telecom: she worked at UTEL LLC, Ukrtelecom PJSC incorporate sales.

Yurii Vitaliovich Bondarchuk, Head of the Investment and Finance Department of DTEK ESCO

Responsible for the financial and investment activities of the company since December 2015. He graduated with honors from the Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade with a degree in International Economics and the National Agrarian University with a degree in Finance. He began his career in First Ukrainian International Bank PJSC, where he was engaged in raising international funding and developing Investor Relations. Since 2013, he has been responsible for the development of the new "Energy Efficiency" business line and the creation of energy service at the Directorate of Strategy and Business Development of DTEK.

Our experience

The team of DTEK ESCO specialists conducted more than 400 energy audits of buildings and structures, as well as 50 energy audits of industrial enterprises, trained more than 650 employees of customer companies in basics of energy management and energy audits.

In 2017-2018, DTEK ESCO, using the energy service mechanism, implemented more than 30 energy-efficient projects at industrial enterprises (power plants, concentrators) and public sector facilities with savings of 35 to 90% of energy resources. The sum of energy service contracts of DTEK ESCO exceeds 400 million UAH.

Analysis of the project portfolio shows that every 1 million hryvnias invested by DTEK ESCO in energy-efficient projects over the next 10 years can, on average, bring our customers savings of 8.7 million kWh of energy or 8 million hryvnias net savings in monetary terms.