DTEK ESCO has completed the second stage of modernization of the lighting system of the Azovstal workshops
06 September 2019
3773 new LED-lamps save 80% of energy, providing a higher level of illumination in three workshops.
DTEK ESCO invested 39 million UAH in the lighting system at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works
16 July 2019
DTEK ESCO completed the second stage of the lighting system modernization at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Metinvest Group.
Smart pumps at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP will help save 31% of electricity
06 June 2019
A smart 630 kW/6kV frequency converter automatically controls water pressure at a reference point, adjusts pump load, and gives operating personnel a “hint” when the composition of working equipment has to be change.
DTEK ESCO upgraded the lighting system at Iron and Steel Works Azovstal: 90% of electricity saved
15 March 2019
713 old lights were replaced with 553 LED lights, which have higher light output and consume 90% less of energy.
An 85% increase in outdoor substation lighting efficiency at DTEK Kryvorizka TPP
08 January 2019
DTEK Kryvorizka TPP had an energy efficiency project completed to partially renovate the lighting system at the 150/330 kV outdoor substation.
New lighting system at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works saves 60% of electric power
27 December 2018
The results of an energy-efficient project on retrofitting of lighting in the sheet rolling shop at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works have met the employees’ expectations. 2.2 thousand energy-efficient LED fixtures save 60% of electric power.
Electric Lighting Efficiency Increased by 89% at DTEK Zaporizka TPP
20 December 2018
Due to replacement of old lamps with 162 new energy-efficient LED fixtures, the enterprise has improved labour conditions for the employees along with the production safety.
Energy-Efficient ‘Hives’ at Prydniprovska TPP Save 90% of Electric Energy
20 November 2018
The new 130 hive-shaped LED fixtures consume 90% less power than old incandescent bulbs.
Burners of Indurating Machines at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Upgraded by DTEK ESCO Now Save 35% of Gas
19 November 2018
According to the energy-efficiency project, three indurating machines of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works have been fitted with 24 modern gas burners and 3 automation packages.
DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP Improves Industrial Safety with LED Lighting
16 November 2018
The new 162 heat-resistant LED fixtures save 75% of electric power compared to the former lighting system.
How to Save on Heating and Make Yourself Comfortable
15 November 2018
When the gas tariffs increase causing possible increase of central heating tariffs, many people wonder how they can save their money and preserve their comfort.
1,500 Energy-Efficient LED Lamps Were Installed at Illich Iron & Steel Works
02 November 2018
The light is like in the afternoon now in the rolling mill of the Mariupol Metropolitan Ilyich. 1,5 thousand LED-lights illuminate the premises of the shop. New fixtures make the work of the staff more comfortable and safe, and also save more than 60% of
Getting Ready for Winter: How to Save Costs for Power Fast and Easily
31 October 2018
People use 20-30% more electric power in the autumn and winter. You can cut your family’s costs for power by as much as 50% with an integral approach.
 Prydniprovska TPP Will Be Saving 85% of Electricity for Lighting
16 October 2018
At DTEK Prydniprovska TPP, the project on retrofitting of ceiling electric lighting of the machine hall has been started.
Ladyzhynska TPP Will Be Saving 75% of Electricity for Lighting
08 October 2018
DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP is planning to save 75% of electric power for the turbine hall lighting by installing 162 LED fixtures.
DTEK ESCO Improves Energy Efficiency of Pumps at Metinvest CMPP by Two Times
28 September 2018
This will allow the company to annually save 2.3 million kWh of electricity worth over 4 million UAH.
DTEK ESCO Improves Three Kindergartens and School in Pokrovsk
17 September 2018
These institutions will become more comfortable for children and more energy efficient as well. The municipality is going to be saving 25% to 44% of thermal energy – up to 380 Gcal costing UAH 480K annually.
Interview: The potential for energy efficiency investments is enormous
06 September 2018
Yevhen Bushma: "The growth of investments in the energy efficiency sector will continue, and Ukraine has great potential in this area"
The Third Project on LED Lighting Started at Dobropilska CEP
05 September 2018
156 energy-efficient LED lights will be installed at DTEK Dobropil’s’ka CEP. This will allow the enterprise to save 85% or 400 thousand kWh of electricity per year and increase the level of illumination.
DTEK ESCO Invests 30 Million Hryvnias into Energy-Efficient Projects at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works
10 August 2018
Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works is planning to save up to 60% of electric power for the steel-rolling shop lighting and up to 35% of gas for the indurating machines.
Residents of Enerhodar Have Learned to Save from 20 to 70% of Energy in Their Homes
20 July 2018
Training participants determined how to save from 20 to 70% of energy resources at the facilities they surveyed.
Dobropilska CEP Saved 2 Million Hryvnias on Electric Lighting
20 July 2018
DTEK Dobropil’s’ka CEP has saved 90% of electric energy on illumination of the enterprise’s main building over a year.
Installation of a Time-of-Day Meter in Kyiv: Now Less Than within 10 Days
17 July 2018
Sales of the Smart WATT kits started in each DTEK Service Centre of DTEK Kyiv Power Grids, which include a two rate energy meter and its quick installation.
Donetsk Region’s First ESCO Contracts Signed in Bakhmut
13 July 2018
Bakhmut Municipality has signed energy service contracts with DTEK ESCO company for energy-efficiency upgrades of the School No. 24 and the Kindergarten No. 52 which would allow to improve comfort and save 25% of heat used for heating.
DTEK ESCO Helped Kurakhivska CCM Save 30% of Electricity on Pump Operation
03 July 2018
DTEK ESCO has retrofitted the transport water pump at DTEK Kurakhivska CCM. From now on, the CCM saves over 30% of power on its operation.
Residents of Enerhodar Will Independently Perform Energy Audit of Their Homes
03 July 2018
15 Energodar residents are learning to calculate energy saving, to plan energy efficiency activities in residential and public buildings.
Pavlohradska CCM Will Be Saving 70% of Electricity for Lighting with LED
31 May 2018
DTEK ESCO has completely funded and installed 650 new LED fixtures instead of old incandescent and fluorescent lamps and replaced 6 km of cabling – all this on the turnkey basis.
Who Benefits From Two Rate Meters
18 May 2018
It is within the power of most Ukrainian families to reduce household energy costs by 50% with the help of the "night tariff" and energy saving measures. How to determine whether it is profitable to buy two rate meters specifically for your family?
DTEK ESCO’s Project at CMPP Reduced Electricity Costs by UAH 5.5M Annually
17 May 2018
The energy-efficient frequency converters have allowed to save 52% of electric energy for operation of pumps at Metinvest Group’s Central Mining and Processing Plant during the year.
The Smart WATT Kits Have Become Even Smarter
16 May 2018
The most up-to-date models of two rate energy meters and LED-bulbs, sockets with timers and even Wi-Fi-sockets appeared in the new line of the Smart WATT kits.
Residents of Donetsk Region Can Reduce Their Energy Costs by up to 50%
15 May 2018
Now, each family in Donetsk region can reduce energy costs by up to 50% and make life more comfortable with the help of energy-efficient Smart WATT kits.
DTEK ESCO Trains 55 Internal Auditors of Energy Management Systems for 10 TPPs
30 April 2018
DTEK ESCO, in collaboration with DTEK Energy, proceeds with the project of implementation of the energy management system compliant with ISO 50001:2011 international standard at three DTEK power generation companies and works on preparation of TPPs to sta
DTEK Dobropil’s’ka CEP Saves 85% of Energy on Lighting
04 April 2018
Another project on technical re-equipment of lighting system – that’s the second one – has been completed at DTEK Dobropil’s’ka CEP. The conveyor gallery section has been fitted with 130 industrial-grade LED fixtures, and about 3.5 km of cabling, includin
DTEK ESCO Plans to Invest UAH 480M by 2020
02 March 2018
Every UAH 1M invested by DTEK ESCO into the projects for clients is going to save them UAH 8M, or 8.7M kWh of energy resources, within 10 years.
Automation of CST Pump at Ladyzhynska TPP to Save up to 50% of Power
01 February 2018
DTEK ESCO has completed the energy-efficient project for automation of the condensate storage tank (CST) pump at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP. The installed frequency converter automatically controls the pump load and saves up to 50% of electric energy.
DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP Improves Process of Supplying Ladyzhynites with Water
30 January 2018
DTEK ESCO has completed the energy-efficient project on retrofitting of pumps at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP providing potable water supply to Ladyzhyn. The 42% electric power economy has been achieved in operation of the pumps.
How to Celebrate New Year in an Energy-Efficient Fashion?
27 December 2017
DTEK ESCO specialists suggest that energy efficiency should not be postponed. Instead, they recommend to finish the old year in an energy-efficient fashion.
Residents of 1000 High-Rise Buildings in Kyiv Can Save up to 50% of Heating Costs with the Smart WATT Winter Kits
18 December 2017
KYIVENERGO customers can now save up to 50% of household heating costs with the help of the energy-efficient products - the "Smart WATT Winter" kits.
Energy-Efficient Kits Smart WATT are Now Available for the Residents of Kramatorsk
14 December 2017
Residents of Kramatorsk can reduce their household energy costs by up to 50%. This can be achieved by means of using the energy-efficient product kit Smart WATT.
Now all DTEK Dniprooblenergo customers can order the Smart WATT remotely
08 December 2017
Residents of all settlements of Dnipropetrovsk region now have the opportunity to order energy-efficient Smart WATT kits via the Internet or by phone.
Residents of Dnipropetrovsk Region Have Been Installing Two Rate Meters on a Large Scale
03 November 2017
The number of connections of two rate meters in apartments and detached houses in the Dnipropetrovsk region increased by 123% in the first 9 months of 2017.
75% Rise of Demand for Time-of-Day Electricity Meters in Kyiv
02 November 2017
The number of two rate electricity meters in apartments and detached houses in Kyiv increased by 75% compared with last year.
DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP is First Among TPPs to Implement ESCO Project on pump upgrade
04 October 2017
The upgrade of the heating network pump at DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP will increase the reliability of hot water and heating supply to the residents of Ladyzhyn.
Energy-Efficient Kits to Help Reduce Electric Power Costs by up to 50%
08 September 2017
Residents of Kryvyi Rih can reduce their household energy costs by up to 50%.
DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP is Preparing for Saving Energy Resources in Accordance with International Standards
06 September 2017
Ladyzhynska TPP, together with other DTEK’s TPPs, is preparing to adopt the international practice of energy management.
DTEK Kurakhivska TPP is Ready for Saving Energy Resources in Accordance with International Standards
31 August 2017
DTEK Kurakhivska TPP is ready for saving energy resources based on international energy management practice.
DTEK ESCO Will Help Zaporizka TPP Save up to 90% of Electric Power on Lighting
31 August 2017
DTEK ESCO will help Zaporizka TPP implement projects aimed at improving working conditions and saving energy resources.
DTEK Zaporizka TPP Is Planning to Save up to 30% of Energy Resources
23 August 2017
Zaporizka TPP is going to become one of the most energy efficient TPPs in Ukraine. Other DTEK power plants will join. For this purposes an energy management system is implemented, and once this process is completed, the savings of energy resources will re
DTEK Coal Plant Will Save about 90% of Electric Power for Lighting
07 August 2017
DTEK ESCO has implemented the first energy service project in the coal industry that envisaged the replacement of 339 old lamps with inefficient light bulbs with new, LED-based ones, at Dobropil’s’ka CEP.
Energy Efficiency Map to Show Possible Heat Savings for 6 Thousand Buildings in Kyiv
01 August 2017
Residents of 6 thousand high-rise buildings in the capital now can learn the percentage of possible savings on heating. They should simply use free online service “Energy Efficiency Map” on the website of KYIVENERGO. The map has been developed together wi
A Thousand Buildings in Kyiv Can Save of UAH 100M on Heating Bills
18 July 2017
A thousand buildings in Kyiv will be able to cut down the cost of heating five-fold on average if energy-saving measures are implemented. This is the finding of an analysis of energy consumption by 16 thousand commercial clients of Kyivenergo.
Yevhen Bushma Appointed as DTEK ESCO Director
07 July 2017
Yevhen Bushma has been appointed as a new DTEK ESCO energy service company director. Previously, he worked as Commercial Director at Kyivenergo.
DTEK ESCO Has Presented an Energy Service for Households
02 June 2017
DTEK ESCO intends to invest UAH 7M in the energy efficiency of multi-apartment residential buildings in 2017.
DTEK Energo Will Increase the Energy Efficiency of its TPPs Under International Standards
16 April 2017
DTEK Energo has launched a project to introduce an energy management system at 8 thermal power plants. DTEK ESCO energy service company acts as an advisor for this project.
DTEK ESCO Has Completed an Energy Service Project at the Central MPP of Metinvest Group
13 April 2017
Innovative energy-efficiency technologies such as hardware systems for frequency control of electromechanical systems were used at the Central Mining and Processing Plant of Metivest Group.
DTEK ESCO Trained Central Concentrating Mill Employees to Use Energy Efficiently
27 February 2017
Employees of four DTEK coal-processing plants have been trained to achieve a maximum effect of energy saving measures at the premises of Central Concentrating Mill Pavlograds’ka.
DTEK ESCO Opened a Power-Saving Consultation Center for All Customers of Kyivenergo
13 January 2017
Any customer of Kyivenergo can now get professional advice on saving energy costs.
Zaporizhstal PJSC Introduced the Energy Management System of the Integrated Plant to the Specialists of
08 December 2016
Zaporizhstal PJSC introduced to the Specialists of "KYIVENERGO" the system of energy management and differentiated accounting of the used fuel and energy resources implemented at the integrated plant.
DTEK ESCO Has Trained Specialists in Energy Audit and Energy Management of Buildings for the Regional Power Distribution Company
26 October 2016
Specialists of DTEK Energy’s distribution companies – Dniprooblenergo, Power Grid, Donetskoblenergo – have successfully completed the training in energy audit and energy management of buildings.
22 April 2016
KYIVENERGO presents the "Energy Efficient Customer" campaign