DTEK ESCO has completed the second stage of modernization of the lighting system of the Azovstal workshops

DTEK ESCO has completed the second stage of modernization of the lighting system of the Azovstal workshops

06 September 2019
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DTEK ESCO completed the second stage of the program to increase the efficiency of the lighting system at the Azovstal Metallurgical Plant of the Metinvest Group. 3773 new LED-lamps save 80% of energy, providing a higher level of illumination in three workshops.

The ceiling and crane lighting, as well as the lighting of all the spans of the inspection racks of the converter and plate shops, have been completely replaced. There are installed 2724 energy-saving LED lamps with optics. 1049 LED lights were also installed in a large-grade rolling mill.

«The lighting reconstruction program gives a real result – light, safe, economical. Employees have already appreciated the improvement in lighting. In the future, the program will concern rail and beam, calcareous and calcining workshops, a workshop for the utilization of iron-containing sludge, and a number of other structural units of the steel mill. This is the right trend in the format of the global trend of energy conservation. Thanks to this project, the jobs of our employees will become more comfortable and safer», said Enver Tskitishvili, Director General of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

«New luminaires will help Azovstal additionally save 40 thousand MWh of electricity per year in the amount of UAH 74.6 million. This amount of savings is equivalent to reducing atmospheric emissions by 35.8 thousand tons of CO2. We invested in this project and completed it on a turn-key basis, took all the risks and guaranteed the achievement of energy savings. We approached the project in a comprehensive way - not just replacing the fixtures with new ones, but on the whole we redesigned the lighting system, replaced cable networks and switchboards. An additional effect of our projects is improving industrial safety, comfort for employees, improving environmental performance», said Sergey Chulkov, Director of DTEK ESCO.

Recall, the project for the reconstruction of lighting at the Azovstal steel plant began with the transport and finishing department of the converter shop, where in March 2019 553 energy-efficient lamps were installed.