Energy Audit of the Kindergarten No. 2 Sonechko in Cherkassy

Energy Audit of the Kindergarten No. 2 Sonechko in Cherkassy

23 December 2017
Energy audit of kindergarten

In 2018, energy auditors of DTEK ESCO performed an energy audit of the Kindergarten No. 2 Sonechko in Cherkassy and prepared an energy audit report.

In the two-storey building of the kindergarten built of red brick in 1962, the south-western facade is insulated with 100-mm mineral wool. There is a heat meter in the individual heating unit.

The systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, hot water supply, electric lighting were studied in the course of energy audit.

ENSI® EAB Software was used to calculate energy savings.

The overall energy efficiency potential of the building was 50.5% with respect to the baseline energy consumption.

Energy efficiency activities packages have been developed in order to achieve energy savings and ensure a comfortable temperature in the rooms where children stay.

The maximum investment budget for all energy efficiency activities amounted to 1.3 million hryvnias with a payback period of 6.7 years. The list of recommended activities includes:

  • Setting up an individual heating unit (IHU).
  • Balancing the heating system.
  • Energy management and personnel training.
  • Installation of heat exchangers.
  • Insulation of external walls and basement with 120-mm mineral wool.
  • Thermal insulation of the attic floor with 150-mm mineral wool.
  • Replacement of external wooden doors with energy-efficient ones.
  • Replacement of incandescent lamps with LED.
  • Replacement of electric stove burners with energy-efficient ones.

These activities will save 152,000 kWh of energy, or 200,000 hryvnias, annually.

Additional effect:

  • Providing a comfortable temperature in the premises in accordance with sanitary regulations.
  • Extension of the life of the building.
  • Elimination of accidents in the heating system.;
  • Increasing of the illuminance level of the premises.


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