Retrofitting of Electric Lighting at DTEK Dobropilska CEP

Retrofitting of Electric Lighting at DTEK Dobropilska CEP

21 November 2017
Electric lighting

In 2017, DTEK ESCO upgraded the electric lighting at DTEK Dobropilska CEP using the energy service mechanism. Three hundred and forty incandescent and fluorescent lamps were replaced as part of the project with LED lights in the main building of the enterprise. The project was initiated and identified as the priority by energy managers and CEP management.

All lamps are fireproof, which is important for coal production. The lamps are made of anodized aluminum and light transmission polycarbonate and have the following characteristics:

  • Luminaire efficiency – more than 120 lm/W.
  • Color rendering index – more than 80%.
  • IP Rating – IP65 (DSTU IEC 60598-1).
  • Expected service life (luminous power reduction by up to 30%) – 85,000 hours.

Also, 6 km of cable networks and switchboards were completely replaced.

The equipment was supplied by Ukrainian design and installations company EA SOLUTIONS LLC, which is an engineering partner of the Ukrainian manufacturer of LED lighting equipment IntelTech Ukraine LLC.

The energy service contract has been concluded for 5 years.

Project results:

  • 90.5% savings on electric lighting has been achieved
  • 1.1 million kWh or 2 million hryvnias – expected annual savings.
  • The illuminance level has tripled.
  • Workplace comfort for employees.
  • Industrial safety in the enterprise has increased.

Currently, DTEK ESCO is implementing the second stage of the project – retrofitting of the electric lighting system in DTEK Dobropilska CEP conveyor galleries.

DTEK ESCO implemented a similar energy efficient project at DTEK Pavlogradska CCM.


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