Retrofitting of the Transport Water Pump at DTEK Kurakhivska CCM

Retrofitting of the Transport Water Pump at DTEK Kurakhivska CCM

09 February 2018
Frequency inverters

A project of retrofitting of the transport water pump in the main building at Kurakhivska CCM was completed as part of the scaling of projects for the installation of frequency converters on the equipment of DTEK Energy enterprises. The project was initiated and identified as the priority by energy managers and CCM management. The energy service contract with DTEK ESCO has been concluded for 4 years.

The upgraded pump provides water to the screen sizing site for the primary classification of unscreened coal and stone separation. DTEK ESCO installed a 160 kW frequency converter as part of the project, which ensures smooth and reliable control of the pump motor in automatic mode.

The design and installation work was performed by a Ukrainian company EA SOLUTIONS LLC.

Project results:

  • 30% – energy savings achieved.
  • 250,000 kWh or 500,000 hryvnias – expected annual savings.
  • Extension of the life of the pumping equipment.
  • Avoidance of emergency situations, lack of hydraulic impact.
  • Increased reliability of coal washing process.
  • Reduced operating costs.


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