Exchange and return of goods, warranty service


Exchange or Return

The procedure for exchange (return) of goods of proper quality is established by Clause 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Rights Protection”.

Exchange (return) of goods of proper quality is possible within 14 days with observation of the following provisions:

  • The goods are new and unused.
  • The goods’ marketable condition and consumer qualities are preserved (the packaging is intact, all labels, seals, films, stickers, manuals, and warranty tickets remain unaltered, mechanical damage, scratches, and abrasions are absent, and if it is an electricity meter, it has never been installed).
  • The accounting document (receipt or sales slip) proving the purchase of these goods is preserved.

In case similar goods are unavailable for the moment of exchange, the buyer has the right to:

  1. Exchange their goods upon arrival of similar goods for sale, on which the seller shall inform the buyer willing to exchange their goods.
  2. Purchase other goods from assortment in stock with due recalculation of the cost.
  3. Return the goods and receive money in the amount of the returned goods cost on the day they were sold (the money shall be refunded to the consumer no later than within seven days from the goods return

 The store rules include the following provisions:

Only the complete kit in its full package is accepted for return. Should some items from the kit purchased be unsuitable for you by any parameters, we will exchange the kit with another one that would suit you and recalculate the price. The store does not refund the price of an individual item from the kit purchased.

To apply for goods exchange or return, fill in an Application* form and send its scanned copy, together with a scan or a photo of the payment receipt, on the

The original filled application for return must be sent to the address:

  • DTEK ESCO LLC, Stepana Bandery, 14B, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04073.
  • DTEK ESCO LLC, Yaroslava Mudroho, 40, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49000.

Alternatively, to apply for goods exchange or return, you can contact us by the hotline number +38(044)5819306.

All goods exchange and return is done via Nova Poshta delivery service at the initiator’s expense. Refunds are done according to the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Rights Protection”.

*All fields are mandatory for filling in. 

Upon goods exchange (return) the following must be provided:

  • The application for return/exchange.
  • The accounting document proving the purchase (receipt, sales slip, invoice).
  • The warranty ticket.
  • The details of the bank card used for payment in case of cashless payment.
  • A copy of the buyer’s identity document (passport, driving license, pension ID).
  • A copy of Taxpayer Identification Number.

Should you have any questions regarding the goods return, please contact us 

Reasons making the goods ineligible for return: 

  • More than two weeks have passed since the purchase of the goods free of any flaws.
  • The goods quality check has revealed facts proving attempts of opening, repairs or voiding the warranty in any other way.
  • Lack of the document proving the goods purchase or warranty ticket or incompleteness of the supply package.

It should be also noted that according to с Item 3 of Clause 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Rights Protection” the consumer is obliged to:

  • Study the operation rules prior to the goods operation.
  • In case any questions regarding operation the goods purchased arise, the seller, manufacturer or an authorized person entitled to relevant functions and specified in the goods documents should be consulted with
  • Use the goods for the purpose intended violating no rules established in the manufacturer or seller documentation.
  • Adhere to safety measures established in the manufacturer documents, or, in case of their absence, to generally accepted safety measures for operation of goods of this category.



The goods in our store are covered with warranty proving the liabilities regarding ensuring proper operation of the goods through the entire warranty period. The warranty period is specified in description to every goods on our website.

Please check the completeness of the supply package and absence of flaws in the goods upon reception (the supply package is specified in the product description or in its operation manual).

Should the goods you have bought from us fail during the warranty period due to a manufacturer’s fault, and its repair in the authorized service centre be impossible, we will exchange these goods or return you the money.

For that, please provide us with the following:

  1. The goods in their complete supply package.
  2. The document proving the purchase.
  3. The application for goods exchange.

What cases the warranty is not provided in?

  • Warranty seals are broken.
  • There are mechanical or other damages from the buyer’s or third parties’ purposeful or careless actions.
  • Operation rules specified in the operation documents have been violated.
  • There has been an unauthorized opening, repair or modifications to the goods’ internal communications or components, their design or scheme has been altered.

The warranty liability does not cover the following problems:

  • Natural wear and tear and resource depletion.
  • Accidental damages inflicted by the client, or damages occurring from careless handling or use (exposure to liquids and dust, ingress of foreign matters into the housing, etc.).
  • Damages from natural disasters (phenomena).
  • Damages caused by abnormal over- or undervoltages in a power grid or improper connection to the power grid.
  • Damages caused by flaws of the system in which these goods have been being operated, or arising from connection of the goods to other products.
  • Damages caused by unintended use of the goods or their use with operation rules violation.