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ДТЭК ЕСКО надає послуги з фінансування та реалізації «під ключ» заходів щодо енергоефективності за умовами договору енергосервісу, допомагає своїм клієнтам впроваджувати системи енергоменеджменту, проводить енергетичні аудити, навчає співробітників клієнтів і всіх бажаючих основ енергоменеджменту та енергоаудиту.

Energy management and energy audit trainingу

DTEK ESCO in collaboration with DTEK Academy conduct energy management and audit basics training under the proprietary programs for clients’ employees and everybody willing. 450 clients, including 300 employees of DTEK companies, have already undergone this training.


Training programs

The training is carried out under the following programs:

Fundamentals of energy audit of buildings and facilities

Fundamentals of energy audit and energy management in buildings and facilities

Fundamentals of energy audit and energy management at industrial facilities

A unique nature of the programs lies in the fact that they allow to learn not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. Upon completion of the programs, trainees themselves carry out a quick audit of their site. This format of energy audit is sufficient to consider DTEK ESCO in decision-making on financing of an energy efficient project with the use of an energy service mechanism.

In Our Projects section, you can find examples of conducted trainings 


Training structure

Training programs are intended for three days:

1. Theoretical lectures day, on which trainees are provided with materials and formulas to calculate energy resources saving potential and Excel-based software that allows to automatically calculate the required figures. All trainees are assigned a homework.

2. . Practical lessons day at the real site – the building and the enterprise of a client or the building and the enterprise of one of the trainees. Within a practical lesson guided by an experienced energy auditor, trainees examine the site: (an enterprise, a production area, or a building, including a cellar, utility systems, internal premises and an attic).

3. Day of defense of practical assignment – within 2 weeks trainees individually carry out quick energy audit of their site and may use lecturer’s advice 24/7. The trainees draw up an outcome of the quick energy audit as a presentation and defend it before other trainees and lecturer, receive feedback, discuss in a group and share experience.

The format and structure of the training can be adapted to the needs of a corporate client.


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